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Services we offer
  • Professional Real Estate Photography - Beautiful images, Multiple Photographers for faster turn-around, Timely, Dependable and Cost Effective. Let us help you market your properties, prospective buyers view on-line pictures prior to calling a Realtor, if the pictures don't catch their eye they don't call. Vacation renters view on-line also and are positively influenced by our mood setting, feeling oriented "Light Staging"
  • Services Include - Professionally lighted (high-end wireless flash systems) and well composed images, we never do artifical looking HDR or Computer combined/fused images, all images are properly exposed and professionally processed, true color accuracy insured via calibrated monitors. Window views are our specialty, Profesional Full Frame Nikon Camera bodies and Tilt/Shift Architectural quality lenses utilized
  • Light Staging - Included for Vacation Rentals, wine glasses, cheese plates, candles, breakfast settings
  • Options - Virtual tours, MLS sized and High resolution Print quality and both delivered. Delivery via DVD or Dropbox
  • Types of Photography - Tripod mounted Fixed, Video and Drone